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Download Instructions
Best practice: Create a folder in your hard / local disk drive. Give it a name. After clicking on the "DOWNLOAD" link, a dialogue box will pop up. Choose "save program to disk" option. Then browse and choose the folder to download this Browser there.  After downloading is completed, close the dialogue box. Look in your folder. You should see a colorful "SB" icon. Just click on that to open the browser!

Easiest method: Alternatively, you may like to save the file to your desktop for easy access. NO INSTALLATION IS NEEDED. Anytime you do not want the program anymore - just right-click on the icon and delete it.

Firewall issue: As with any new program on your computer accessing the internet for the first time, this ShenzBrowser software will require your PERMISSION to allow it to connect to the internet.
*  The Software program has been thoroughly scanned and tested, but as with all new software, it is recommended that you run a virus checker before use. It is also recommended that you have an up-to-date back up of your hard disk before using this program. We cannot accept any responsibility for any disruption, damage and / or loss to your data or computer system that may occur while using this program and the data on it. There is no warranty on this product whatsoever. To download the program means you have ACCEPTED this agreement.

12,565 downloads from May 21, 2004 to April 29, 2007.

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Screenshot of ShenzBrowsers

Simple Web Browsing Experience

ShenzBrowser V.1    HOME

Free Download    FREE alternative internet browser for those who want it!

Tired of the look of your ordinary browser? Never need to use all the features on your usual Internet Explorer? If you want to try a simple and user friendly browser - here it is! If all you do is just to surf the internet, then this browser will serve the purpose well. All the bookmarks in your usual favorites folder can be accessed with a click of the button.

This browser is designed for personal use by me, but you may download it for use if want to. I will appreciate FEEDBACK if you have any comments. If you want it, please follow the link below to *download it onto your computer.
( Please read the agreement before downloading. )

Title:  ShenzBrowser V.1.1 (Beta Release ...we welcome users comments - software updated May 1, 2005)

Description:  This is a customized browser for individual use. It is simple yet functional. Your current homepage and favorites will be there. Your current Internet setting will remain unchanged. It has direct links to Google search, bookshops, and other resources - all at the click of a button. This is a time saving feature. ** Please note that there are 2 sponsored links to help with the development costs.

File Size: about 1.6MB, this is an application by itself. Can also operate from a CD or other storage devices.

System Requirements:
Have been tested to run very well on Windows2000 and WindowsXP. Will not run with other earlier versions of Windows, or even VISTA. It is a browser with its own engine and can run without Internet Explorer or other browsers on the system. However, this is NOT designed to replace your other Internet Browsers.
NOT for use with MAC operating system. 

**This browser will be updated when more features are needed. So check back often! PERMISSION is granted for you to DOWNLOAD the browser for your own use and to SHARE the Browser with whoever wants it.

DOWNLOAD Browser here

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